My License Code or Redemption Instructions Aren't Working. What Should I Do?


Don't worry! Sometimes, redemption instructions can get complicated or there can be errors like invalid codes, expired links, or other technical issues. Here are a few tips if you are having trouble:

  • Try updating and using another browser. Many times, issues can be resolved by simply changing browsers. We recommend Google Chrome. Download it here.

  • Be sure to follow the directly EXACTLY! Sometimes, if you miss one step or do it out of order, it won't work. Follow each step carefully one at a time to ensure you are redeeming it correctly.

  • Make sure you are copying the entire license or serial code. Sometimes, part of the code gets cut off resulting in an "invalid code". Here's a tip: Click anywhere inside the box and hit CONTROL + A on your keyboard to highlight the entire code!

  • If your redemption instruction lists a Redemption Name or Redemption Email, make sure you are using the exact same thing. It's best to just copy and paste if over. Sometimes something as small as just an extra space can cause an issue. 

  • If you purchased a course and you're getting a "Sold Out" or "Invalid Code" error, the course might already be in your account. Try logging in to the account of the website that is hosting the course. For example: If your course is from Udemy, log in to your account at and go to the My Courses section at the top right. 

If you've tried everything and just can't get it working, we are always one email away! Feel free to reach out via the "Contact Us" link found at the top of this page.

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