My Order is Stuck or Lost in Transit. What Do I Do?


Every once in a while, orders can get stuck or lost in transit.  If this happens, don't worry, we'll get you taken care of!  On the other hand, when tracking information hasn't shown progress in several days, many people think their order is stuck or lost, when it isn't.

It's important to understand that during the tracking process, orders can sometimes be in the same phase for up to a week without making any updates.  This doesn't always mean the order is lost.  During the shipping process, orders are handed over to different processing and sorting centers.  When a package arrives at a new sorting facility, it can sometimes stay there for several days before moving to the next phase. 

We recommend customers wait a week or so before checking with Customer Support.  Either way, we will be sure to work with you until your shipment is received, even if that means shipping it again! 


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