General Decline


A general decline on your card can come from a number of things, like an expired card, insufficient funds or your bank preventing a charge until you verify you intended to make the transaction yourself. 

As a heads up, we cannot accept most prepaid cards, as there is no billing address tied to it.

Here are some steps you can take before calling your bank:

  • Double check you're using the billing address your bank has on file
  • Log out, clear your browser cache and try entering your card information again
  • Try attaching your card to a free account and check out using PayPal

If you're still not able to check out, please try calling your bank and let them know to allow the transaction from to go through. (They may be preventing the transaction since your card isn't present when you're checking out.)

If your bank says the charge should be going through, please contact a Support Hero by accessing the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.   We'd be happy to look into this further!

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